Reveal, Feel & Heal | Course Bundle

Reveal, Feel & Heal | Course Bundle

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32:42 minutes
Facilitated by Guy Lawrence, Matt Omo & Petra Brzovic

Reveal, Feel & Heal | Course Bundle Includes:
  1. Reveal, Feel & Heal | Educational Theory | Audio Mp3
    32:42 minutes
  2. Meditation Instructions |  Audio Mp3
    32:42 minutes
  3. Reveal, Feel & Heal | Guided Meditation | Audio Mp3
    33:00 minutes
Gain clarity about what you're feeling & why, so you can begin your healing journey.
We cannot heal what we do not know.
Tension, frustration, anger, nausea, fatigue, brain fog... these are all signs there's something deeper going on, some unresolved trauma that's being held within our body and expressed as pain. 
These somatic responses will never alleviate until we address the root cause of them.

To do that, we must call in a greater sense of awareness. 
The Reveal, Feel & Heal meditation consists of three parts:
  1. Breathwork
  2. Sound healing journey
  3. Guidance 
Guy, Matt & Petra join forces to guide you as you access your superconsciousness, where your unresolved traumas (big and small) will be revealed.  
From there, you'll be able to feel exactly where anguish is being expressed in the body and you'll understand what it is you need to do to heal. 
You'll be feeling into your body, unlocking doors to the corners of your subconscious mind & beginning your healing journey.

This is a powerful and transformative experience and is designed to train our bodies to function more effectively, self-regulate and maintain harmony in our everyday lives.

Audio Meditation Samples: Reveal, Feel & Heal